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My daughter and over a dozen of her friends sat in our basement Friday watching John Hughes movies (specifically Pretty in Pink and The Breakfast Club). They referred to this event as “Oldies Night.”

What do you get when you add one dog to a teeny tiny back yard filled with layer upon layer of snow during an unrelenting winter? Ask my son. I sent him out to poop scoop from the recent big melt. He will never be the same.

If you haven’t watched this yet, do it. It will make you smile.

I love Cooper.

If you haven’t read this article yet, do it. I found this story about the journey to communication between a boy (now a man) with autism and his family to be both inspiring and enlightening.  One of the benefits of sharing our stories to offer unique perspectives to all who read/hear them. This story gave me a new understanding into a world that is mostly unfamiliar to me. I will carry that understanding with me now. It will make me a better, more empathetic human. What a gift.


  1. Oldies night…. Sigh.
    Next time, invite me over and we can sit and throw popcorn at them while reciting famous lines word for word.

    Cooper is my hero.
    Don’t tell Reeses.
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  2. I hope your son got an extra dessert or something for his harrowing experience in the backyard. He’s a good kid.

    That article made me a little sad. I am so glad to read a hopeful story about a family’s journey through that maze but I have a good friend whose son is autistic and they will never find that path the family in the article found. He will age out of the education system soon and they are scrambling to try and figure out what’s next.
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    • He is a very good kid.

      I can only imagine how frustrating and difficult this transition must be for your friends and their son. I appreciated this article mostly for the fact that it provided a window into the mind of this boy (now, a man). It showed how he had feelings and thoughts that he just couldn’t express in the same way as others, and that his intellect was strong. I feel like this story, and the many more like it, could help change some perceptions.

  3. We will never have a dog because I fear the spring melt. He deserves a medal for that duty. Duty…hee hee.
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  4. Oldies but goodies! That was an ERA in cinematic goodness! Love the video. And the autism article–how incredibly inspiring. Just like it did for you, it provided me with new insight, and my hairs stood up and my eyes got tingly.
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  5. Can we still be friends if I tell you that I’ve never seen Pretty in Pink? Not sure how I’ve made it this far without checking off every box in my John Hughes repertoire. :)
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  6. I imagine what our world would be like if it was made of Shannons.

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