My Thoughts on Election Day

 Election Day
My brain is a jumbled mess today. Often, when I need to organize my thoughts, I fall back on my list-making nature. Usually, these lists are made in a notebook or on a post-it or my phone. Today, I’m going to sort them all out in front of you. Here is a glimpse inside my brain on this election day.

  1. When I parked my car at my polling location this morning, I noticed the car beside me had a Mitt Romney bumper sticker and my mind immediately went to “ewwww” and then my eyes went to the other side of the bumper which sported a sticker that read, “I love my pet,” and my mind immediately went to “awwww.” You see, I also love my pet. I decided to hold off judgement of this person. I decided to just be glad that this person was voting.
  2. This is the last presidential election in which my daughter is not old enough to cast her ballot. Four years from now, she will be entering her twenties. I feel old, proud, sad, and excited all at the same time.
  3. The contents of my grocery bags illustrate my emotional state today. Cookies, dark chocolate, several different kinds of bread, and the ingredients for several different pasta meals. Add in a soft blanket and a hot drink, and I could be a walking billboard for comfort food. I think the carb loading is a direct result of the election and the days getting colder and darker. I blame any weight gained this week on Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, and winter.
  4. I felt like voting was cause for celebration, so I called my parents up for lunch. During the 2008 election, my mother campaigned door to door for Barack Obama in one of the reddest towns in one of the reddest counties in Ohio. (Yes, she can be one badass lady.) I spent some time in high school as a Young Republican. I don’t remember my parents ever trying to sway me over to their side. I owe them many lunches.
  5. I find my thoughts going to Minnesota, Maryland, Washington, and Maine today. I hope that love wins. Love should always win.

I better take a nap now. It’s going to be a long night.


  1. Sing it, sister. So much wisdom here. xo

  2. Oh I love this 🙂 It was lovely waking up in the UK this morning to read about Obama’s 2nd term 🙂

  3. It was such a good day. xo

  4. Oh gosh, it WAS a long night. While I was waiting for the victory speech I was yelling at the tv, “SASHA AND MALIA NEED TO GO TO BED JUST LIKE I DO!!!” haha

    I voted for our President again and I really, really hope and pray that he has a wildly successful second term, for all of us.

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